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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The world is such a small place these days with the power of the internet. Following the first vinyl adventure piece I was contacted by Tim who was in Seizure Boy. While he was after the songs from the EP (links below), he offered to confirm just what happened to the band and beyond. I expect the tale will grace some Killed By Death compilation in years to come...

"After that Seizure Boy record came out a tour was in the works but we broke up before it started. Wesley Gravolet, the drummer, went on to play with the now 'so called' legendary Rip Offs and I started another band with the lead guitarist of Seizure Boy. The band was the Vectors. At the time we didn't know that there were other bands with the same name and after we got it started we decided to just stick it out with the name. At that time the american late 70's Vectors were virtually unknown.

Man's Ruin put a E.P out of ours called "Some Raging Rock-n-Roll II" which is still available online and I actually just bought it and was looking for Seizure Boy's record when I found your blog. Previous to the Man's Ruin E.P., our first release was a seven inch with four songs, it was entitled "Some Raging Rock-n-Roll from the Vectors". I can't find that seven inch on the internet. The E.P. is worth checking out if you liked Seizure Boy; it is slanted a little more towards Thunders influenced punk-rock-n-roll.

Just before the E.P. came out, the Vectors came apart at the seams. A couple years after quitting I moved to Taiwan to teach English, then onto China where I formed a band called the Drunk Bitches which was fun, playing punk rock in China, that is. Now I am back in Taiwan and in the slow process of putting together a new band with a couple of the flaky students from the uni I teach at."

I'll have to check out the Vectors and see if I can get my hands on that first seven inch. So from the USA, stopping over in Scotland before heading out to Taiwan we have the other 3 songs from the superb Seizure Boy 7". Such a shame there wasn't more material from this band...

Misunderstood WMA

Shake It One More Time For Elvis WMA

Train Song WMA

As ever if anyone out there needs links restored or any information, drop me a comment and I'll try to help.

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