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Saturday, January 05, 2008

A few days delay updating this blog as BT decided to switch our phone line, so we've been marooned with a weird number and no internet for a few days. Normal service it seems, has been resumed.

As revealed earlier the attic clearout revealed some strange booty, including two fine examples from the Toy Story movie cira 1997. Looking back beyond this date, I regret not keeping many of my toys from earlier days. Most of the consoles have survived but little else. Toy Story was one of those films that was ok for all ages to enjoy and I think Xmas '97 the Buzz Lightyear was the toy to get, sparking the usual queues from eager parents.

These two offerings were bought in June '97 and still have the original boxes, Disney bags and the receipt. Buzz used to languish around my first flat, normally perched on one of the B&W speakers. Ah the days of laser discs and the first steps towards home cinema! Both models are in mint condition. I just needed to remove the original batteries and clean up the points. Both are still fully functioning and back in '97 were probably about £20-£25 each.

It would be easy to sell both, as they do seem to be in short supply in this complete condition and the rumours of Pixar working on Toy Story 3 will only fuel demand. I intend to keep them however, and maybe look to add my Toy Story crew - beats Star Wars figures any day!

I've also received a pile of books, so I'll get to those later on. However Slash's autobiography continues to entertain.

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