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Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, suppose I should reveal something but unfortunately not my retirement from working (that's worth savouring for another 30yrs), but rather my semi-retirement from Gamestyle. This has been on my mind now since early December, for a variety of reasons and I'm walking away from my well worn editors office as of today.

I've been involved there for almost 8 years now or thereabouts. In that time I had hoped to be able to hand over the daily controls and tasks to someone else, but very few people seem to have the time I squeeze out of my day or the dedication. Not a criticism of the team at the site, as they are all quite happy in their roles and login when it suits. Meantime my list of books grows and I find myself returning to GS to get something done, so regulars have a fresh update on their screen.

Looking back its always been the case, as I can recall one time whilst I was in Canada, going online to find nothing had been done since my departure. Its not only GS however, at work I find myself left to try and drag the others towards some realm of organisation for the work pub quiz. That's an annual event where the previous winners have to arrange the following year. The way its going I doubt we'll have on in 2008!

All of this feels like wasted energy, and interests and activities suffer because of it. So as M will confirm, once I've made my decision its pretty much set, although there is the 'semi' thing, but I don't think anything will improve at work or elsewhere. I did return once before when we almost shut GS for good (another tale) but this time despite my vested interest as a co-owner, I much prefer the sleeping partner role. My time and stint in the trenches is done and the rest is fully deserved, don't you think?

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