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Monday, January 14, 2008

I've always found it unfortunate that two enjoyable books arrive at the time, with most of the focus and plaudits going towards only one candidate. For me that was the case with Joe Hill's excellent 20th Century Ghosts and the overlooked Complete Symphonies Of Adolf Hitler & Other Stories by Reggie Oliver.

Both dealt with the unseen, the supernatural and the dark corners of the mind, but as Joe Hill's star continues to soar, Reggie Oliver continues his labour of work.

I'd actually forgotten that Reggie Oliver had left the publishing of Haunted River, and that his new work was due for release with Ash-Tree Press. Pictured here is the latest, entitled Masques of Satan, which continues his good run of book titles. I'm positive the work inside will be of the highest quailty once more. Yes, a likely book order coming soon and its only 500 copies so I'd best get into gear.

Previously Haunted River had sold out of both Complete Symphonies Of Adolf Hitler & Other Stories and The Dreams Of Cardinal Vitorini & Other Stories. In fact I'd only managed to acquire the Hitler release which is featured on this blog (somewhere) is a fantastic read and a marvellous book to hold.

Your luck may be in to snap up either of these editions, as Haunted River have found some copies (including signed editions) of both on a first come, first served basis. So hightail it over there and they are both well worth either £35 or £45 asking price (£10 extra for signed editions). I'll get my order in, at the end of the week.

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