It is What It Is - David Coulthard

Thursday, January 24, 2008

David Coulthard's It Is What It Is may not have the greatest title, but as an actual autobiography from the driver himself it is an enjoyable read. Certainly in comparison to the shallow and sterilised Lewis Hamilton book I reviewed last year, this is more like it.

David has been around F1 for what seems like ages now, and continues the strong Scottish tradition of top drivers in the elite racing formula. This is his story, from humble karting origins to the very top, David provides an informative commentary. He does touch upon what the public perceive him as and his so called womanising ways. Putting a new light on what the mainstream press tried to project him as.

Racing of course forms the main bulk of proceedings. The most interesting areas concern McLaren, his dealings with Williams (and Damon Hill), going against Michael Schumacher, Red Bull and the future. David restrains from throwing dirt against former rivals, but you can certainly feel that Montoya will never be on his Christmas card list.

And while this book could not hope to complete against the excellent Jackie Stewart story, from someone still racing in F1 today, it is well worth picking up. While it is unlikely David will win that F1 Championship, I'm sure that just like Jackie, when he leaves F1, there will be another story to be told.

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