Ice Ice

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nice bit of frost this morning, which looks like persisting throughout the weekend.

It's been over a week since I visited my blog and plenty of events inbetween. Managed to acquire another one of these bugs, release the latest Gamestyle Live Podcast and plenty of good features over at Gamestyle this week. And our Ebay marathon continues - its surprising the amount of gear you don't even use, or put aside and overlook. So, I've spent the best part of today organising auctions and making sure they are presented well enough. Just about to take in the match (I don't expect much enjoyment from the Toon) and then maybe head out to the cinema.

My original thoughts on this post was to discuss the terrible driving I constantly see, and those who don't know who a roundabout actually functions. I'll leave those for another day, but with this winter weather it does surprise me (or then again, really it doesn't) how many folk just jump into their cars without suitable defrosting, or drive a little more reserved. Last time I checked no one I know has F1 tire blankets, so when you hit the road, your tires will need some time (as will the brakes) to warm up and perform. Otherwise you'll be left struggling if you drive as normal, which they all seem to do.

I am looking forward to moving on beyond the boy racing games I've had to experience recently (Need For Speed Pro Street, Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights), its time for something else.

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