Tuesday, January 22, 2008

There are a few podcasts that I subscribe to, of course that includes the Gamestyle offering, but also the excellent podcast and the Radio 5 film reviews (with Kermode and Mayo), however audiobooks remain pretty much ignored.

I've looked at the cost of these and they're certainly not cheap and like many lead singers, if you don't like the voice (in my opinion) it puts you off the whole band, or book. As there is not escaping that grating feeling.

I'm pretty old fashioned as well, in that I actually like something physical in my hands, whether its a piece of vinyl, a cd, a game or movie and very much a book. Part of the attraction of having books is to hold them, appreciate the work and how the artist has tried to capture the book of the story. Certainly, God Of Razor that I have just started, works well with the enclosed pieces. Just wouldn't be the same on an Ipod.

In saying that I'm going to give these audiobooks another shot, so check out a free one on me, this is the Philip K. Dick nominated Grey, by Jon Armstrong. Available by chapter so you can enjoy it at your own pace:

Click here for the Jon Armstrong audiobook

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