Lewis Hamilton My Story Review

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lewis Hamilton's My Story is at my last count the fifth book about the rookie Grand Prix driver to hit the shelves in 2007. And while most of the others in reality matter little, this is as the title suggests the official version of events.

A common theme amongst the Hamilton books is the lack of detail before his F1 debut season. And that doesn't change too much in My Story as it comes across as an informal chat, with the chapters based around topics such as 'Pressure' and 'Fernando is a tosser' etc. Ok, the latter is fantasy but it is surprising how little Lewis actually gives away on the McLaren drivers conflict. The only new piece of information I gathered was Alonso missing out on the pre-season team building exercise to Finland.

Lewis does provide some details about his family life, musical tastes and seems to say 'cool' alot, which given his rise to fame is not surprising. However the book is ideally pitched towards new fans of F1 or Lewis, rather than regulars of the sport. While I enjoyed the read it was over all too quickly and failed to really provide any depth, with only a few nuggets about his first season in F1 which forms the main chunk of this book.

Could My Story shake the feeling that it really warrants a subtitle such as '2007 Annual' or along those lines? Simply because that's what it deserves, as a synopsis of that first season its ideal, but those looking for more about the man behind the helmet will have to wait.

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