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Friday, December 07, 2007

Hey, long time I've been avoiding this page for which I can only apologise. While I've been busy enjoying the Orange Box, PGR 4 and Mass Effect and Mario and... why do all the good games arrive within a few weeks of one another?

Meantime here's the Jackie Stewart round up.

Jackie Stewart - Winning Is Not Enough
One of the great grand prix drivers rounds up his career before and after the track with this remarkable autobiography. Finally, we have a life story which is worth reading from someone who has lived, and not a premiership footballer in his 20's cashing in on his shortlived fame.

I really wanted more stories from his racing career, which forms the middle chunk of this book. It also includes a DVD which is well worth viewing and gives you some appreciation of the skill involved back in the late 60's and 70's. Jackie also goes into great detail regarding his relationships with Rolex, Ford, Moet and so on. While no doubt important, I felt at times some of these passages were repetitive and underlying what had been said before, again.

Overall, a marvellous read for any generation.

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