Attic Raid

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today, amongst the usual stuff, I had to clear out some gear from my parents attic. I've managed to clear most of it, with the remainder going when I put their Christmas decorations (or whatever) up for the last time.

Some interesting findings (none more so than my previous post) including items from my childhood, teenage and young adult years. Alot of clothes and paperwork, some I'll be retaining, others off to the charity or for recycling. And a few old gaming machines, set aside in my new home for another year.

Amazing just how much clutter you can build up over the years without even trying. I'm actually quite thorough and tidy, so it could have been worse, even so, the blue waste bin has taken a hammering today. Lots of memories, good and bad. How I have two Toy Story toys from '97, boxed and mint is funny. Like many, even now, you regret not keeping toys from before, such as the original Stars Wars and so on. I expect they'll be a future collectable.

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