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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reading the Observer this morning and they have this piece on cool brands and what judges regarding as being cool.

Personally I don't need no style guide or the pathway to follow the masses or what's hip or the next big thing. I've always found my tastes are I know what I like, and musically that tends to put me a few years ahead of most. Funnily enough I do own quite a few of the items they suggested, but unfortunately not the Aston Martin. Quite happy with my Honda, although have you seen the new CR-X shots? Mmm, my next motor maybe.

Another interesting piece was the sample of the forthcoming autobiography from Slash (guitar, Guns n Roses), who I saw play many years ago on the Appetite For Destruction tour. It already promises to be an insane read, and one I could pick up something for a good laugh and insight into a rock n roll world.

Meantime I'm revising for that exam tomorrow afternoon - personally I prefer to have these things in the morning so you can get 'em out of the way and relax. Ah, the joys of waking up on Saturday morning to read about Syphillis are underestimated I tell you.

At the point now where you just want it out of the way. I'm confident but also not spending today playing FIFA 08 or Grim Grimroire, although a little of each won't hurt. To the surprise of many I actually enjoy exams, especially written ones as the multiple choice variety tend to be quite vicious and aim to catch you out.

Gaming wise I have FIFA 08 and another Dynasty Warriors game to review. I must say FIFA is very enjoyable, a huge range of options although few actually deviate from the main play mode of the game. And amazingly I managed to defeat an opponent on my first online match, but will it see much time after the Orange Box? I'm not sure, financially we're already trying to plan a few trips next year and being very selective on my gaming purchases will help.

Finally I'll give a shout to the latest Gamestyle Live Podcast, which I tend to verbally go on about anything. Episode we round up the news, site reviews and take a look a the new 40GB PS3 and my review of Grim Grimoire, which I'm still enjoying!

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