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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Seems like no Zep tickets for me, which is the lottery of life unlike those flogging the codes on Ebay.

So, Halo 3, it's great isn't it? Actually I'll beg to differ, I'm (what I think is) currently the last mission of the main story mode. I've been plodding through it at my own pace, taking advantage of cover and ducking those incoming shots. It is a remarkable re-working of what made the first game enjoyable.

Change the spaceship from the first game for a ground base, change the library for the flood level, and so on. The technical guys at Bungie have been very busy, but as for the scripting and level designers? Not as busy I'd say, or their focus has gone on all these lovely other online modes that make up the Halo experience, or the picture mode.

I'll save it for now, but once the storyline is complete (or come full circle) I reckon my disappointment will be evident. I am managing to resist the joys of going online as I have plenty of things to do with GS and a life outside of that site!

However the 10's are all over the place for Halo 3. Mainly I suspect that many are totally addicted to the online offerings. I do think it will be extremely interesting to see what scores Valve's Orange Box receives when it arrives later this month. The package includes several titles that should satisfy online and offline demands - will it receive those top scores? Probably not, which is a shame as it is fantastic value and based on my Halo 3 offline experience so far, far more entertaining.

Of course I hear you yell 'gamestyle gave Halo 3 a ten as well!' indeed and as a site we have never influenced or changed scores of our writers. Oh yes we've had the odd PR request over the years (no names mentioned) or the occasional backstage discussion, but at the end of the day I trust the judgement of those doing the reviewing, even though I may not agree with it. Hence why we feature further down the scoring charts for each game at Metacritic, as few sites seem to give scores below 5 these days. I even had to cut free a staffer after he changed a score whilst editing the review.

All of this reminds me I have not updated my current reviews in progress on this blog. With my exam under 2 weeks away (if they hurry up and confirm the venue) I'm trying to take things easy, although I find myself with probably 2 or 3 on the go. Really looking forward to being set free after all these years to read what I really want and play more games, and may be do some more GS stuff, although I do more than enough!

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