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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well, last night the pub I was in didn't seem to mind the South African victory or deny they were the better team. I also had the chance to listen to the Talk Sport commentary (when moving the car) and it was amazingly blinkered and representative of why so many up here dislike England.

Still, the end of the most thrilling Grand Prix season is almost upon us. I really hope Lewis does the business, or failing that Kimi even though I despise the Ferrari F1 team after their actions this year. He's a fantastic driver and has been let down by his car earlier in the season.

Despite some funny decisions from the powers that be in F1, its been a breath of fresh air after the Schumaucher years.

I also picked up my first autobiography in ages, with Jackie Stewart's sizeable tale for a modest £10, complete with bonus DVD. Should be entertaining as he's never short of an opinion. Lift me up...

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