Wednesday, September 19, 2007

things you plan never do work out, however at least I didn't waste my time off hanging around a branch of Northern Rock, like most of the population seem to have persisted in doing. Your money is safe below £30k, silly and I really doubt 99% of the crowds actually had that sort of cash.

Just another example of mass panic, which we are seeing in everything from banking runs, to the must have Christmas toy or the memory of Princess Diana. Nonsense, society is all going down the pan, although I'd argue we're already half way there.

Highway to hell.

Motor is good, enjoyed a long trip out last week, testing out all the options and cruise control. That's something which still doesn't feel quite right, almost like playing a driving game with your fingers on the buttons at all times. However you won't catch me doing 90mph down a urban environment. Still, that doesn't stop the dumb youth of today, sooner they clamp down on these young idiots the better - or just give me a tank to run over each and every boy-racer's corsa and punto.

E.T. phone Raithrover.

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