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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My order from Night Shade Books arrived today, when I took advantage recently of their generous offer. 3 books with the order for Liz William's next to follow when published.

A Fortress in Shadow: A Chronicle Of The Dread Empire by Glen Cook is one I'm really looking forward to checking out. The limited version is signed, and comes bound in black leather, which gives that feeling of doom. However it'll have to wait along with Demon and the City: A Detective Inspector Chen Novel (the 2nd in the series, ideal as I have the 3rd waiting patiently upstairs) and a random punt with Softspoken from Lucius Shepard:

A chilling and mysterious voice becomes audible to Sanie shortly after she and her husband Jackson move into the decaying antebellum mansion that is the Bullard ancestral home in rural South Carolina. At first, she wonders if the voice might be a prank played by Jackson's peyote-popping brother Will or his equally off-kilter sister Louise. But soon Sanie discovers that the ghostly voice is merely a single piece in the decadent, baroque puzzle that comprises the Bullard family history rank with sensuality, violence, repression and madness.

The limited edition is signed by Lucius and contains a bonus section of material from Sanie's journal

Yeah, I'm one for the limited editions, but they are all wonderfully presented from this publisher. Will update as I make my way through each.

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