The Eve of Halo 3

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last day of freedom for many Europeans although quite a few are already on Halo 3, working away. Time to do battle online, defend your honour and engage in polite conversation with your opponents.

If only.

I'm not particularly thrilled with Halo 3's pending arrival. Sure, it'll be nice to see the story closed once and for all. We'll see how Bungie round it up, without leaving room for another sequel. The online stuff will happen, I'll give it a go and meet up with friends and have some good times. Then you'll head out into the matches and have to put up with the annoying players seen in Halo 2.

I can really do without that, as most likely while being shot down, I'll deliver some life threatening lines. Really, its just a game guys, calm down. It is a shame that many of the proper gamers, complete with manners from American and elsewhere get labelled because of the bad elements. Of course there are rude players from every country, but you don't need to look far when discussing the yanks, which is unfortunate as I've had some great games in the past with decent types.

Can the hype deliver? I doubt it will reach the heights of the first game. Roll on Project Gotham Racing 4.

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