Vinyl days

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The bad weather, the wrong side of payday. Has provided the opportunity to convert some of my vinyl to the digital format, and then onto the IPod.

Most of the stuff I've done today falls around 89-92, with some later albums by Hot Water Music and Complete Control. The key to the whole process is patience and a great record player. Some of these albums have not seen the light of day in 10+ years and its great to open them up and look at the notes and sleeves - something I wouldn't find myself doing with a CD booklet.

And so far, they all play without any problem. Once edited and recorded, you'd be hard pushed to notice the difference with a rival digital recording. If anything, they're better, far more warmer and aged, like a good wine or single malt.

I'll really get into listening to the results next week and beyond. One vital return is PJ Harvey's 'Rid of Me' which is her masterpiece. Why on earth she went solo without the 2 guys afterwards, strikes me as one of the worst musical decisions. Perhaps she felt they had pushed it as far as possible in the three-piece format, but I'd disagree. Albini's recording adds another layer to the whole experience. Probably only 1 song that lets down the overall package of 14, and you cannot say that about albums these days.

Most seem to be 10 tracks at best. Oh well, Match of the Day and then back to the deck tomorrow...

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