Postal Strikes

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So it seems post workers have started wildcat strikes today in Edinburgh ahead of more widespread action tomorrow. Partially I'm surprised as the Rangers match was on TV last night, and I cannot see any reason on the schedules what has prompted this.

Union representation should be a good thing, however quite often its being abused for no other reason apart from greed and a blinkered outlook. Postal prices continue to rise, but can you say the service has improved or more likely remained the same as it has been previously?

The immediate answer is simply no. My own local sorting office has a terrible reputation, packages go missing or when they do arrive they have been clearly opened. You take your risk sending cash to someone however many cannot afford the extras incurred by postal orders or have cheques as they struggle to get by, so they are left with no choice. So I know many who have lost items in the post, received damaged or opened deliveries and complained.

Things don't get any better if you receive a recorded delivery slip. I dread receiving these - thankfully work accepts deliveries - however when I do venture to the sorting office I fear the worst. You cannot go immediately as the package is not available for collection for 24-48 hours. Why? I'm never sure, perhaps they have a lottery for the packages, winner takes all?

One reason given to me by a staffer was the posties often just head home with the packages, or dump them somewhere at work so only they can find them - certainly never where they should be for collection. And when you do arrive at the desk (often faced by a grumpy worker) it takes them an age to find your package. How an alphabetical system can go so wrong is beyond me.

So these strikes are really doing nothing for my opinion on the service or those working for it. Workers should question the advice union reps provide before blindly following them. We'd all love to be in a position to strike or fight changes at our own workplace, but union representation is only for a select few nowadays. Most of us faced with alterations to conditions, or changes to pensions just have to get on with it, overcoming our initial hostility.

Fair negotiation is the way forward otherwise more and more of us will be using alternate forms of posting mail, which is a growing trend.

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