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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Now since I've closed down my MOG page, you'll expect to see more music chat and ramblings here. This is either fantastic, or poor depending on your point of view.

Although I'm quite aware of mainstream music and the events, I don't really follow fashions or partake in chart acts, or popular music. I've been that way now since my teens and have no regrets - now and again I will appreciate a popular release, or engage in conversation regarding the awfulness of Oasis, but that's normally the limit.

Finding those musical gems is a difficult task today. Ever since the decline and death of the great man himself (John Peel), its been difficult to find new artists to get excited about. He was a fantastic at discovering and a brilliant quality control barrier.

Now I hear you say, with the internet, My Space and so it, it should be easier to find fantastic music from across the planet. Ah, but now any fool can claim to be a musician and have the same access as anyone else. It has positive and negative aspects, meaning more hard work.

I picked up the latest issue of Uncut magazine yesterday, much to M's surprise as it features Paul Weller on the cover, who she knows I cannot stand, legend my arse. However I pointed out the name in the bottom right corner (my opinion should be the main cover) Mr Steve Albini. Fantastic guitarist with so many bands, refreshing engineer and tells it like it is.

So Steve took us through some of the most important records that he recorded, I actually have all of them except the Plant one - jury is still out on the Stooges LP I reckon. Still, he did have some interesting points of view concerning Nirvana's In Utero, an album I have not experienced since Mr Loser took the easy way out.

It's currently on now. Still sounds great, as do many of Steve's recordings. It is alot better than I actually recall, don't worry this isn't going to spark a fullscale Nirvana return. Certainly an important band from my youth, but nothing to Big Black, Jesus Lizard, Black Flag or The Pixies and many more.

Anyhow, Uncut was probably my favourite publication from last year as it had a real mix of musical genres and coverage. Recently its gone all Brit and hippy, neither two of my most favourite pots to delve into. That's a shame as it can be a good guide at times when trying to navigate Emusic.

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