Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Friday sees the release of BioShock, a game that I'm looking forward to greatly. Few games deliver the standards I expect or push those boundaries out a little further. Given my enjoyment of literature, I'm always on the lookout for an interesting storyline, which can overcome many otherwise poor titles.

So BioShock with it's art-deco, Fritz Lang style is very stimulating. The demo only confirms the promise and the need to pick up a copy come Friday. In fact the local store called this evening to advise they have my limited edition version, and will open early on Friday. Unfortunately that old thing called work gets in the way, although I wonder if a retailer will break the release date and I might get it tomorrow...

Always happens with the big releases, as despite the fines retailers can try and blame one another about who jumped first, or send someone round to check on a competitor before opening the floodgates. Then in a couple of weeks it's Heavenly Sword, then Halo 3. Will need to find some revision time somewhere.

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