100 Days

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So we're a hundred days on since that lass vanished in Portugal. Tragic, without question, yes, and likely she's been dead for 99 of them. However the thing that really interests me about the whole scenario are the parents.

This crusade to keep visibility is well thought out, but if they kept an eye on their children in the first place... Well, I won't go looking for the quote but they defended their actions that night by comparing it to children being in the garden, while they were in the house.

Excuse me? What????

If I owned and lived on a country estate, surrounded by acres of woodland, then perhaps the comparison would be relevant, but the fact is they put themselves first. I have been very surprised that the British press have not turned on them, or at least placed the spotlight heavily on their actions that night until now. If they were not medical professionals, and instead normal working class - would they have been treated the same?

I really doubt it. All we can hope is that there is some closure and conviction. Just how long they can keep up the high profile remains to be seen - there must come a time when even the police search will be wound down.

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