Thursday, July 19, 2007

Always wanted to go to Russia and also studied their history many years ago. However the recent political unrest, prompted by the UK asking for co-operation (not a huge ask) regarding Alexander Litvinenko's murder is overdue.

In today's age with terrorism evident, the last thing we need is countries who pretend to practice democracy protecting citizens who are linked to crime. After all, our legal system and police force are not into torture unlike some of our allies, that includes Russia of course. Lugovoi is very much a dead man walking, he cannot point the finger at his superiors or anyone. Instead he must see out his days in denial of everyone, and everything.

What really amazes me about this whole saga is whoever planned the murder picked the most signature method of killing - with a trackable line all the way back to Russia. Hmmm, not a bright idea in retrospect now is it?

It is easy to say that we are dealing with a state sponsored killing. I'll give Russia the benefit of the doubt for now. Putin is a thug and a very powerful one at that, whether he would be so stupid as to pull a stunt like this? That's the question and after today's response from him, I hope Gordon still stands tough on this issue. As for Russia ending all co-operation regarding terrorism, that's a green light for every nutter to set up base in the former USSR.

We're not asking for Lugovoi's head on a tray, only the opportunity to continue our investigations.

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