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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Or what feels like afternoon, given our early rise at 4am. There was a real dilema in the household last night, as M wanted the Next sale and has the HP interest as well. Thankfully we went by Asda just after 4 and picked up 2 copies of the book (one adult, one terrible cartoon sleeve). Why Bloomsbury couldn't have designed a more fetching cover is beyond me, they've had 6 books previous to try and get the hang of it.

I'm not really a fan of the books, having followed events via the films or video games. JK's style is very simplistic, although ££££££££££££ which is the ironic thing. Heading home last night after work, there was already a sizeable queue outside a retailer. I guess many just wanted to be a part of the event, obtain memories of where they were when the last book was released. For them its the end of one journey, but hopefully the beginning of their exploration of books.

Apart from the amazing wealth the series has generated for the author and book collectors, it has at least given this society something to read. I hope youngsters will now go out and explore the genres, while probably waiting on the next Rowling series. For her its a really difficult period, as Richard Morgan outlined when he was trying to think up a new universe and set of characters for The Black Man. What he produced is a far more personal work, still maintaining a strong undercurrent of violence and science, but more about a thirteen (genetic man, killing machine) who can see the attraction of why so many try to escape.

They say the terrible rain England has received is on its way north. What better excuse to stay indoors and pick up a book?

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