The Modern World - Steph Swainston

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm trying to avoid thinking about returning to work tomorrow, not because I dislike my job which is far from the truth. The past week I've grown accustomed to rising late, having the odd beer/wine, relaxing and breaking down that book pile which has needed trimming.

So, the third book in the excellent series by Steph Swainston. Quite a departure from the epic battles and grind against the insects. Yes, they feature once again but the large battle the book builds up to, never really takes off as you'd expect. Instead this book introduces some new characters, twists and shuffles the circle once more.

In many way I enjoyed the breaking down of the safety barriers the first two books introduced, previously shallow or forgettable characters revealed a new side, and Jant even managed to stay off the drugs. Another positive aspect was the use of press reports from the front line, so you were reading print just like any normal civilian would.

Overall it provided more questions about the world/s and characters within. Raising my expectations for the next book?

Heart Shaped Box

Meantime the Joe Hill Heart Shaped Box deluxe limited edition arrived, this is the one going for silly money on Ebay. It's a lovely pressing, which I'm going to enjoy and then keep safe. Having already finished the storyline on an earlier ARC, I'm planning on checking out the bonus content this evening.

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