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Sunday, July 08, 2007

when the sun finally makes an appearance. So a hectic weekend for sure, especially as I have a pile of games to review for GS. Downloaded a few from the PS Store to continue our good coverage of that facility and format. Joust, Rampart are pretty disappointing, but Super Stardust HD, ah takes me back to the classic shooters and boy am I rusty with the genre. Those Radiant Silvergun skills have sailed off, but I am trying to revive 'em.

Calling All Cars is good fun to play and watch actually, but I haven't spent much time with it so far. I'm reliving Scarface again on the Wii, a wonky camera that takes some patience but Tony has arrived with all his usual violence and classic soundbites - just makes me wonder how extreme Manhunt 2 was. The port is pretty impressive so far, with only some of the cars failing to match the PS2 version.

T in the Park just up the road from our house. Gotta say what a disappointing lineup it really is. When my concerts for the rest of the year are Slint, Jello Biafra and the Boredoms (must get that ticket) it probably explains my own stance. There are too many festivals, with too many of the same artists. While I can accept the usual "big" bands doing the rounds, there is a whole world of music out there, but few festivals tend to look outside their own country, the NME or Q.

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