The End of Radio

Monday, July 16, 2007

Forget the title, that's just the song I'm listening to currently. Titles, genres, the need to put things into cosy packages and boxes. Personally I prefer commodities that break out of such boxes.

Japan is a fantastic place for combining different elements and taking it somewhere else. Musically check out the Boredoms, Bleach 03, Melt Banana and so on. Video games goes without question, a real mixing pot although fewer and fewer bizarre and genius ideas are coming through. All such things are firmly banned by marketing surveys and producers. A real shame, especially as I slog through my 700th bland adventure or platform release.

Over at GS things are on the move - dare I say retro? We have a core team working hard to deliver what we want in a gaming site. Sure if you want the major label gaming perspective you know where to go. We haven't got a sponsor or some nice linked deals with publishers or retailers. Yet we circle the globe in search of a listener... can you hear me now? can you hear me now?

I should really skip this song

That's half the problem today. Everything is easily skipped or the best tracks pulled from an album with little respect to the overall piece. I need to find a little more time this week for Calling All Cars and Super Stardust HD. The latter is a joy, my best score is slowly creeping up (when I remember to have the LAN plugged in) and it might be the best other game on the system (after Fall of Man).

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