Bush is laughing at you

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Normally I refrain from ranting or posting my political thoughts, however the world continues to amaze me, especially George Bush. This week he really surpassed himself (perhaps missing close pal Tony Blair?), waiting until an appeal by a close colleague was turned down by the courts. Now we cannot have that can we? Instead we'll just waive this "severe" felony conviction, and let his good pal off...

I really doubt if Blair would have had the nerve to do anything along the same lines here. Such a move would have torched the idea of democracy far more than any car bombers will ever achieve. It'll be interesting to see the fallout from this decision. If the American people ever needed more of a reason to topple their joke of a president, then this is the perfect moment.

Still we hear more about Paris Hilton in the news than Scooter. Nice to see news stations putting friends and shares before the real news.

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