Almost the bottom of the pile

Monday, July 30, 2007

Problem with having sometime off, and ordering books way in advance of publication is you find the bottom of the reading pile approaching rapidly.

Now I've always got something to read, whether it be a magazine or brushing up on my knowledge for that exam in October, but I'm talking about reading for pleasure. Magazines don't really count in my book, Edge is way too full of its own self importance and Top Gear is just used for information regarding future cars.

So imagine my horror earlier this evening when I almost thought I was out of material. However tucked in a corner of the book unit, is Susanna Clarke's 'The Ladies of Grace Adieu'. How could I overlook this collection after the frankly brilliant Jonathan Strange book a few years back? So that's my current choice.

I'm still forging my way through Postscripts 10 though, last night I devoured Joe Hill's offering in the collection. Something different from him, dealing with those that served in Iran POW camps and returning to the states. Not the greatest, but confirms his talent for short stories.

I also ordered Snow Crash by Subterranean Press. Yes, that old sci-fi, cyberpunk classic from Neal Stephenson, which I read ages ago. However this is a very special edition marking the 15th anniversary and it won't be published until towards the end of this year. That's another wait, I can almost see myself having to go to Tesco's and buy some trashy Dan Brown-esque wannabe 'novel' for £3.73 to fill the spaces. Haven't done that for a while. The Snow Crash edition is also the most I've paid for a book (so far) as a treat.

Meantime Subterranean have also released the cover art for Alan Campbell's novella, which I've also ordered (due Jan 2008), which I cannot wait to read. Loved Scar Nightand this promises to add a little more to the series that is ongoing. A voice in the back of my head is telling me to order the one of the 26 only edition, I'm ignoring it for now - having ordered the larger edition - but those voices are hard to ignore forever.

Putting books aside for a moment, the 2nd Gamestyle Live podcast is on the site or available via Itunes. Still far from finished technically and in terms of format, we're already putting together number 3.

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