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Friday, June 01, 2007

Shamefully my PS3 has been shunted aside already, a terrible release schedule means nothing of interest until the end of June when Armored Core 4 arrives - and even then its a niche title.

This means the Wii is restored to the prime spot downstairs. I've been working my way through several games and most are one trick ponies that soon die a death once the novelty has worn off. Some publishers have a real cheek asking full price for games such as Heatseeker, Rapala Fishing Tournament, Cooking Mama and so on. At least Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is being heavily discounted.

The interest from everyone in the Wii presists as it is seen as purely a games machine. The PS3 is an expensive luxury item, while the Xbox 360 struggles to shake off its geek and hardcore image, or at least that's what the non-gamers around me advise. My 360 isn't having much of a life currently, with the most recent appearance being for Bullet Witch, which was terrible.

Now Bullet Witch is a terrible game yet just checking on Metacritic now has an average score of 55. How can some of these people score such a poor game above 5 at best? 6 out of 10, did you play the thing? Shameful, and such reviews are ripping off readers who believe such press. It ranks as one of the worst games I've played in several years since Sega's remake of Altered Beast, which looking back was terribly poor.

Handy site it is though, as you can see what several are saying. I like to go on once I've reviewed a game - just to see where my own viewpoint stands. I can be pretty harsh but after 6+ years of doing these games reviews I'd like to think my accuracy is pretty much spot on.

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