PS3 Update Madness

Friday, June 15, 2007

What is it with the folks over at Sony and their continuing need to release updates for the PlayStation 3? I've had to download more updates during the PS3's short lifespan compared to the Xbox 360. And that's Microsoft who now seem to have this unfair stigma of releasing updates and half finished products.

Times have changed.

The pain with version 1.80088000 or whatever it is (like previous editions) is that quite often the server will time out, prompting you to keep on trying often with little success. Turning what should be a simple procedure into one that can last a few hours. And its not as if you can do anything else while the update is being performed, and even if you decide to ignore the release, many features on your console will be unavailable until you do so.

The future has never been a bigger pain in the ass.

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