Julian A Christmas Story - Robert Charles Wilson

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A long overdue return to the refreshing world of novella's. Robert Charles Wilson is perhaps best known for Spin which featured on many readers "best of" lists recently.

This tale is set in the future but is very much set in a classic period of our past history. The oil events have come and gone as has climate change, mankind lives a more rudimentary lifestyle with religion and honest daily chores being the main concern. Residents are in a class system, with the lords and upper classes enjoying the benefits of the hardworking classes.

Very much a side tale, it only prompts me to find me work from this period. Hopefully Wilson will expand on his ideas and interesting setting.

I've also had the joy of voting in the British Fantasy Awards comprehensive listing for the past year. Some excellent choices and surprises, plus many more I must have overlooked. Looking forward to the results in September...

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