Forza Taking Over

Monday, June 25, 2007

Enjoying Forza 2, and slowly turning off the aids although I didn't start on the easiest level to begin with. At times it can be frustrating, but you know where you are going wrong and where time can be saved.

The tuning mode is very detailed, and I've avoided it so far. The Mini is almost maxed out and took out a field of Ferrari's last night. Great handling and just as fun to drive in real life. I am still trying to decide what is my car however, I might just go with the Integra Type R as it handles much better than the Civic equivalent.

Plenty in the game to keep me occupied until the big releases start arriving after the summer. The more impressive cars have to be unlocked first and then bought - once you've earned the usual huge amounts of cash. Such cars are a major selling point, but the normal production models have much going for them.

Shrek 3 was disappointing, the weakest of the series and not enough gags or pace to really pull it off. The game (from the demo) seems little different.

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