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Monday, June 04, 2007

Well today is a piece of history with the first album from Shellac in almost seven years. To say its long overdue is really obvious, there are no bands out there which come close to this style of music, recording or belief in what they do.

For instance there will be no promotion, no freebies, no interview or campaigns or touring. Simply the record is out and you need to go discover it and take it from there. I picked up the CD today (usual problem obtaining vinyl) but will pick up the classic format in due course. Shellac albums not only sound brilliant (thanks to Albini's dedication to recording) but also look the part; lavish vinyl, unique cover and the best way to hear them.

In review, it is up there with their first album (At Action Park) but a more rounded concept offering. I just don't hope it takes them another 7 years to release another. Alot has happened in the past 7 years personally and for all the good and bad, we need more Shellac music.

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