Back to Hyrule

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Had some welcome time recently to return to Hyrule in the form of Zelda's Twilight Princess. Although its just an enhanced Gamecube release, it is the best game on the system to date.

I say that despite being within the first temple, with Zelda titles you really obtain a feel for how well things are going. The Wind Waker just didn't feel right (although I will go back to it), here in Twilight Princess it feels as if those lessons have been learned and the influence of titles such as ICO have played a positive impact.

Mario's stature has been watered down somewhat over recent years, with him fronting releases such as Party, Tennis and Striker whatever-it-was-called-again. While Link and co have also appeared in games outside of their own series, Mario has also been pushed to fore. When the next true Mario title arrives I'll be rushing downtown to pick up a copy, but for me Zelda reigns supreme.

The series takes the most straightforward ideas and executes each with style and thought. With commitments it'll take me longer than most to actually polish off the game, but I'm really enjoying it.

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