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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey ho, a few days down south (London) to remind myself why I didn't head down there when I graduated all those years ago. Still a fantastic decision and looking at those who did, one that'll stand me in good health in future years.

So I did manage a quick trip to Goldsboro Books and picked up signed 1st editions of Richard Morgan's Black Man, and Steph Swainston's latest. I'm already a fifth of the way through the Black Man, and it is everything so far that I hoped it would be. My initial thoughts is that he's taken everything that made the Altered Carbon series fantastic, twisted the foundations and gone in a new direction (up).

So why the graveyard? Well doing some family tree research whilst we were down there, meant a few trips such as this (including a day in Bath). Really disappointing to see how neglected these places of rest are. So much history, so many brave souls who died in the war and its all vanishing. It also reinforces the view that who would be around to take care of your own resting place a few generations on? Ashes to ashes...

Speaking of which being in and out of a few pubs I really noticed the smokers, with England finally following Scotland on 1st July. The move up here was welcome as many of us non-smoker who wanted to smell reasonable and keep our lungs intact are more likely to go out to the pub. Once the initial shock has sunk in, it will be a welcome move for those south of the border.

A few days without gaming has been welcome and probably hints at it would be possible for me to dispense with it full stop. Aided by the lack of AAA titles currently, even now I'm beginning to doubt whether I should go for AC4. As I've got my final written exam paper to do over the next few days, Gamestyle won't be a port of call until the weekend. Somehow managed 10 A's in the assignments and look to continue the trend to the final hurdle, well still the pressure will remain for the final exam, but I actually enjoy that. Re Gamestyle I note nothing seems to have happened there this week, which is surprising as there is plenty of material in the wings waiting to go online. Same thing happened when I was off in Canada, so no surprise! The weekend as I said.

This week I've been listening to the latest spoken word album from Jello Biafra who I plan to see in Glasgow, come November. In The Grip Of Official Treason is a must listen for us all trying to get by in this world with corrupt politicians, big corporations controlling the media and making money from wars and so on. While some may not agree with all of his views, the knowledge and passion shines through.

A final note is that I've given up with the UK Apprentice, as Alan's selection this evening was a joke. The only thing that will save it now is a change as boss, how many people does Mr Sugar need?

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