Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not often that we have to walk out of film because its terrible but that happened in Pirates 3 this evening. Nice of Odeon to put an intermission into the film when it had been running for just 100 minutes (that after 20 mintues of trailers and adverts). So you're sitting there thinking "do I really care about these characters anymore?", "how they lost the plot since the 1st film" or "what a waste of money."

Then the idea comes that you'd rather go home and save some of your Saturday evening. And so a few bolt for the door. After all, you pay your money, you make your choice and I'm quite happy with mine.

I can just imagine the director, producer, script writer and so on sitting around their huge board room table, with a stack of cash, indulging themselves with every whim and "bright idea" that anyone can throw into the pot. To me its becoming more evident that the surefire sign of a good director is knowing when enough, is enough.

Another interesting sideline was the fact that this was a 12A which means a child of any age could view the film, if there was an adult taking them along. This meant kids of all ages running around, making noises and being a total pain. Normally such a late showing (8-11.30pm) would have removed the need for brats, however either their parents didn't know how long Pirates 3 is, or they just didn't care.

In the end, neither did I. Shame as the first film was a good romp, the second one of the worst films of recent times and the third, well not the return we had hoped for.

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