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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

News reaches me that the amazing Knugen Faller (pic below) finally have their debut LP released on a dumbfounded world very shortly. It's been a few years coming, what with their first two EP's being amazingly brilliant even though its all in Swedish. That'll be the sound of me pre-ordering...

Speaking of Sweden I've elminated the Volvo C30, just doesn't seem like a complete concept in the flesh. Very disappointed as I had high hopes for the car, but a real let down. Also spent some time with the Civic S, mixed thoughts as it does have more plastic than a £1 shop. Plus the rear view is still troubling, and the back passenger seats feel cramped, especially when the room has been sacrificed for boot space.

I'm sure something will present itself one day. The mini had a good run up north for a few days of visiting and driving around. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Caught the Zodiac last night, well the film as no one seems to have much idea about the identity of the killer himself. Fantastic return from David Fincher, I know many Zodiac-nuts have criticised the film but the focus is really on those chasing clues rather than the killer himself or his victims. Longish but well worth it.

We have Pirates 3 this weekend, which cannot be any worse than the rancid mess that was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. However we will be in the cinema for 3.5 hours which includes a 15 minute break. Way too long for such a film and it already fills me with dread that the director and script writers have gone overboard once again.

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