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Monday, May 07, 2007

Well M's new car is the new Mini One that's only been out for a few weeks. I must say a really fun car to drive and handles superbly and the quality of the build is well worth the additional cost. Unlike many mini owners she ignored the need to customise and instead went for a subtle black.

Ah but why not purchase the Cooper? Well apart from the higher insurance bracket, added cost and small benefit between it and the Cooper, I don't think it really is justified. So that just leaves my own choice later this year. Already I feel the BMW Series 1 is overpriced, that leaves Honda, Audi and the new Volvo in the running. I just don't like the new Golf and the quality of that car company has dived over the past few years.

Missing child in Portugal

Is currently dominating our news however I cannot feel that the parents are riding the storm, as eventually the focus will turn to them. If they cannot keep an eye on their children or are more interested in having a drink without them, perhaps you shouldn't take the kids on holiday? Not a great example to set as a parent.


Disliked the Scottish Election result last week, I fear the SNP as they are a bunch of cowboys and if Blair had the sense to go earlier then this protest vote could have been avoided. So we have the muppets in the form of Alex Salmond and co instead who cannot actually put a price on leaving the UK (yet) but we'll be alright as we have oil. Hmmm, that resource is not endless and neither is the patience of workers such as myself when taxes start to rise or English companies head back over the border.

Hopefully we will get this vote in 2010 about breaking away and I expect the majority will knock it back. That will leave the SNP needing to change their viewpoint and someone eating humble pie. I'd rather trust Blair than I would these bunch of morons!


My work through the PS3 library continues with some reasonable games on offer. Virtua Fighter 3 is enjoyable but it will be intersting to note any improvements Sega make to the forthcoming 360 edition. I'm feeling the need to pick up a driving game, what with Forza 2 on the horizon (I ignored the original) it might be a candidate.


has been a rarity, what with the PS3 work and trying to keep the content at GS going. Yet news reaches me that Alan Campbell will have a novella (Lyle Street)released early next year via Subterranean Press. I feel the need to pre-order!

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