Formula One Championship Edition

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bit surprised by this really, having slowly turned away from the F1 games - the highlight being around 1996 with Bizarre Creations' excellent effort. Looking back that really captured what possiblities the CD format could provide; faithful representation and commentary, with a heavy slant on arcade fun.

The PS3 edition isn't as good, but I am enjoying going around those old and new tracks, lapping up (sorry) the range of options and slowly turning off those driver aids. Studio Liverpool really have got the balance almost right and even with the options on, and on easy there is still the element of human error or stupid driving from an opponent to keep you focused.

However there are problems again with the presentation - some perhaps forced by the license - that could be addressed. You'll have to wait for the review thought, as I'm still flying around enjoying it. Sometimes those games you don't expect to enjoy, catch you out. So far, so good.

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