Sports weekend?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Isn't it Superbowl Sunday, or whatever its called today? (checks online) Yes it is, I'll be missing that due to the time difference for sure. The NFL has this image of being tough, but with all the rules, regulations and padding its not really the case if you've seen a rugby match.

I was very disappointed with Scotland's performance yesterday. England were there for the taking, and they went down with the wrong approach, the wrong starting lineup and made some basic mistakes. I haven't picked up the Sunday paper yet, but I'm sure the return of god (Wilkinson) will feature everywhere. His performance was sensational and will nicely cover over the cracks in that England team. One thing is for sure, New Zealand and co won't be worrying about facing England. Cannot wait to see the All Blacks in action during the World Cup in September, sure the tickets were a fortune, but it will be a memorable occasion and a frightening experience. I cannot think of anyone who can stop New Zealand taking the crown this time.

Rovers picked up another win and a clean sheet. That's 4 wins straight and that must be a record of somesorts. I'll be seeing the lads later this month and cheering them on to the playoffs.

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