Grand Finale

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just about to head into the final grasp of pages in Winterbirth. Being the first out and out fantasy book I've read in a few weeks (thanks to the overdose of Bakker), its been worth the wait.

Ruckley has admitted some lessons have been learned, what with the overly complex names and so on. However you can tell this is from a Scottish writer as the scenary is vivid and the setting dynamic. Even before I reach the end, I know more books will follow. After a really slow opening period, the various interests are starting to align themselves. Those reviews which have dismissed the book, mustn't have read past halfway.

Of course as I begin the final turns of the book pages, my mind already leaps ahead to what's next. Well, of course there is Hal Duncan's Ink, which I have such high hopes for. No, that'll wait. I should take delivery next week of John Scalzi’s novella The Sagan Diary from Subterranean Press. This book will be a little different as it was an Xmas present paid for by a relative. And given I plumped for the limited version (and ordered it within time) I should feature in a Roll of Honour for fallen members of the squadron. That'll be odd, but fun with Scalzi's sci-fi setting.

Subterranean will also be publishing the small press versions of Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box that have all sold out before publication. It is a good book, seeing how I already own the American and UK ARC versions. I could really do without another copy of the novel, but the sleeve is fantastic and comes with various additions that make it a worthy purchase.

Joe also has a story appearing in Issue 10 of Postscripts from PS Publishing that is due for publication in the spring? Called Thumbprint, I'm eager to see if he can keep up the high standard set in 20th Century Ghosts. That book interestingly is already starting to set decent prices on Ebay. I never did get around to ordering the most limited version, but it sort of worked out alright as by accident I received the mis-print paperback that contained all the extras. Only about 30 or so of those were created. Fab read from cover to cover as well.

Postscripts 10 will also feature an original short story called Graduation Afternoon by Stephen King. Nice to see father and son in the same issue. I'm sure the inclusion of an unreleased King story is enough to guarantee interest. I reckon Joe might just show him how its done, but I haven't read King in ages (partially due to those terrible adaptations) but friends keep prompting me to return to fold.

I did manage to subscribe to Postscripts for a year. Its something I've always meant to do - even more so after receiving the beautiful hardback edition of number 8. Great way to discover new writers.

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