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Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 begins, as 2006 finished with the completion of a book. I've enjoyed the past few days of resting and reading, with some music and good company thrown in. However I do know that my final work qualification coursebook, assignments and instructions await upstairs. Unfortunately it is the largest of the three, and I thought the law qualification was indepth.

A quick reminder for those wondering what I'm currently doing musically to check out my .MOG.

Elsewhere Gamestyle has posted our games of 2006. This reminds me I haven't picked up a controller in sometime - I'm just finding games come further down the list to music, books, family and work (what with thatbook waiting). Yet its been a good year for gaming, with the arrival of several platforms and those older formats playing host to some AAA releases. The feature is right here.

The Face of Twilight

Very enjoyable novella, released by PS Publishing. The story concerns a struggling writer, who is trying overcome obstacles in his career and a deadline to finish his next book. Having to move address, he finds himself losing grip on reality, or could that be another world barging into his own?

Well, I found the whole thing of locking yourself into a single world very interesting. Allowing you to focus on the task in hand, yet losing grip on reality and going-ons in the real world. The mind does play tricks, but then again maybe you are the person who is the outcast, alien etc.

Also flicked back to the cover and took in all the detail there. It may immediately seem like some warped cartoon sleeve, but read the story and return to it. The cover artist (James Hannah) did a great job capturing the tale within.

Hardcover (300 copies) £25 or Paperback (500 copies) £10

I had the paperback and will certainly be ordering more in this format.

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