The Living Room - Edinburgh

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Living Room is conveniently located in the trend area of George Street, where all the beautiful people go to look at one another and pay over the top prices for fizzy beer and poor wine.

More on that later, however our starter of Potato Skins with dips was tasty, but the skins themselves were slighly overdone, and featured too much salt for my liking. A special mention here for the wine menu, which was disappointing given the expensive surroundings and price list. It seems to take the form of one cheap bottle for a grape (Chenin Blanc) and an expensive bottle. So after the Pinot (which I pointed out to the waitress was totally overpriced for a poor American bottle), Sauv Blanc, the usual Chardonnay that was the white wine list.

I would have expect some interesting discoveries or a touch of class, but alas that wasn't the case. Now what about the mains?

The chicken, bacon and mushroom pie was certainly tasty and came complete with a Monster Mash-sized pastry on top. The real let down for this dish was the mashed potato with whole grain mustard. Or should I say whole grain mustard with a touch of mash? The taste was overpowering, leaving a vile vinegar residue that had to be washed away or mixed in with the pie contents.

The other mains was the sizeable beefburger. Bigger never means better, but sometimes places like this forget such a basic element. A good burger does not need cheese, egg, bacon (or the 10+ things) in the role for it to survive. The texture of the meat was disappointing, too dry and lacking any taste from firing. We would have preferred quality on a smaller scale, than this big momma.

You cannot go wrong with Eaton Mess, and if you do, then there is no reason why you should continue. At least this was the highlight. Marvellous fresh fruit, mixing with the cream to provide a treat.

Overall I cannot complain (a 40% off voucher sees to that) but the Living Room doesn't have an identity of its own. The comfort side of the menu tries so hard to be Monster Mash in disguise, while what is left can only be described as Sunday Roasts.

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