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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The media in the UK is currently going nuts over this supposed serial killer (5 victims and counting) in the Suffolk area. For instance at the moment BBC One has a news update inbetween their normal programmes. A little over the top I'd say (given the 24 hour news stations that most of us have access to, or the internet), but who can blame them? After all they're a little tired of Mr Blair and Iraqi. Shame Tony didn't call the election for around now...

I've always found serial killers an interesting subject, especially in my younger days. Not should I say in terms of what they did, but what it took to turn them into the monsters or predators they unfortunately became. And there were patterns evident for many.

It will be interesting in a sinister way to see how the case develops. If this person (and I highly doubt its more than one as the majority are solitary killers) is the rarer breed of killer - by that I mean intelligent to know when to stop, and avoid patterns - then they will lie low. Personally I do think they have the taste now, and they won't be able to stop until caught. This means more victims or attempts increasing in frequency.

At times such as these we should be supporting our police force, in spite of their flaws. Yet Channel 4 ran a story highlighting the small nature of Suffolk force and wouldn't it be better if such forces merged. Great. I'm sure the detectives seeing that story would have appreciated it. Perhaps newscasts if they are looking for a related story should debate if prostitution should become legal or at least controlled in some form. These are quite often the most desperate, financially crippled and at risk members of society. And we leave them out to fend for themselves...

The majority of serial killers are caught because they slip up, becoming over confident and develop a predictable pattern. Those that don't (and I'm thinking of the Zodiac here) prove almost impossible to track down, despite advances in technology. The most infamous of all (Jack the Ripper) would have been caught in no time at all, if he cut his trade in this century.

Zodiac was a different breed, very intelligent - going so far as to create his own code - ruthless, with an evident touch of dark humour. I'm really looking forward to the Zodiac film next year, which is David Fincher's overdue return to cinema. The trailer is a little long for my taste, but I would predict many haven't heard of the Zodiac so an educational introduction was required. Just get yourself over to the excellent ongoing Zodiac site to experience just how far ahead this guy was of everyone else.

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