Cinema Macabre

Monday, December 11, 2006

Being a member of the British Fantasy Society is valuable. Not only do you receive good updates and a journal of what's going on (and more importantly what you've overlooked), you also receive the odd free publication.

Cinema Macabre is 50 essays by 50 individuals such as China Miéville, Ramsey Campbell, Elizabeth Hand, Neil Gaiman and so on. Previously published by the excellent PS Publishing - which still has copies available, I believe - this was a release I was going to get around to eventually ordering. So I'm pleased to have it another way. Of course its not signed or the high standards of what PS achieve in terms of presentation, but who's complaining?

The horror genre is always overlooked or downgraded for dealing in lurid subjects and therefore sub-standard entertainment. Those with a touch of taste know better. So I'm looking forward to dipping in and out of this book over the festive period. It might even prompt me to check out the odd film that I've overlooked. At this time of year, you need an extra dose of horror to get your through the sickly sweet Christmas period.

Interestingly Joe Hill's ARC of Heart Shaped Box is now going for £55+ on eBay. I dread to think what the limited editions will fetch when they appear next year, as they've long since sold out.

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