After Christmas Comes Dundee

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So that's Christmas over for another twelve months - I must say we both felt a real lack of Christmas feel yesterday. Not because of events, but rather just the whole thing, something was missing and I cannot say what it was. Nevertheless it was a really enjoyable day, a fantastic meal and a chance to catch up.

Today we took a trip up north to Dundee - a city I normally avoid with a passion, as its frankly a dump - and I used to avoid away trips with the Rovers to the place due to it. Yet we took a nice drip up, which is only 45 minutes through the countryside. Mainly just to checkout Borders and their sale. Nearest branches are probably Edinburgh and Glasgow, but both are dire straits when it comes to driving. So it all turned out well in the end and got some good CD's, but no books!

Guess that's the Austgate and other retailers for ya - you don't need to pick up anything else.

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