V for Victory

Sunday, November 05, 2006

With the Rovers winning the derby yesterday - a vital result for us and hopefully the start of the reward for our recent good play, but lack of results.

Hectic weekend with the vinyl, really I wanted to devote more time to Mike Carey's Vicious Circle so I could plunge into Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box but it wasn't too be. Still at least I've re-acquanted myself with Trumans Water's amazing double LP Spasm Smash OXOXOX Ox and so on. Kraut rock, beefheart with a strict outfit or something like that.

The big news today is Saddam receiving the death penalty, not a shock by any means apart from the amount of time its taken to reach this stage in proceedings. They say he wants to be shot rather than hanged, I'm not surprised for all his vile and anger during court appearances he wants to go out like a little mouse. For all his victims he deserves to feel something at least, and they never had a multiple choice for when it came to their execution.

I'm doing the Top 50 Albums 2006 from Uncut Magazine over at my MOG, so do check that out. Mixed thoughts on it so far.

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