Finally the PS3

Saturday, November 11, 2006

So queues a plenty in Japan with the arrival of the Playstation 3, nice. America next week and I expect those at the rear of the queue - or just missing out - to be less civil when the penny drops.

Being involved with Gamestyle for nearly 6 (or is it 7 years?) I've done my fair share of console launches. The last was the Xbox 360 and for that I turned up a lunch time and picked up the machine whilst on my break. Guess it was the sign of things to come as I've cancelled my Wii order and I won't be going for a PS3, as there is nothing to warrant its purchase. Blu-ray? Could be another Betamax or a UMD, developed by Sony for Sony's benefit. Many will be holding off to see who comes out on top.

Finished my Tiger Woods PGA 07 review for Xbox 360. Mixed thoughts on the game as it has been refined to a classic level in terms of playability. Unfortunately the focus on this dynamic has been so great, many other areas have been untouched or badly implemented. This is the curse of an annual release schedule - you just don't have time to put the details in which make a good experience, great.

Picked up Call Of Duty 3 and so far it is fun, well scripted and a few glitches on the single player game. I'll avoid online until some of the GS guys are up and running, as you don't half meet some idiots on random matches. Playing it in High Def is impressive, but only visually as it does not add anything to the gameplay - we'll see if blu-ray manages to overcome this but I doubt it.

Still crawling through Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box, very impressive so far and atmospheric.

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