Treat or Trick

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

8pm and confidently I can say we've beaten our guysing (or whatever its called) visits for all time. Maybe its the new estate and families getting out with their little ones and having a wonder around. With the exception of new year, Halloween is one of the few times the barracades we put up are withdrawn. In our old house last year we had no one, which is a shame as M and I do put a latern out and have sweets on standby.

Shame we keep stuffing the bags full of rubbish. The true winners are sweetie firms and retailers.

Topic of discussion amongst friends at work today was our favourite horror films of all time (apart from Most Haunted events as they are in Edinburgh). I grew up with the video-nasties and BBFC censorship and list of banned films. Most of these are terrible, but there are a few exceptions. The greatest is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that does not benefit from the impression the name provides. It is devoid of bloodshed but brim full of terror.

My other two choices were Dario Argento's mind boggling Suspiria, with that Goblin soundtrack. The final selection was The Haunting from 1962 and not the terrible 90's remake. A group of investigators plus one haunted house, does not sound original but the execution and performances are remarkable despite the lack of big names involved.

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