Saturday, October 07, 2006

Finally after 10 days and no reply to our email, we picked up the phone and tried Curry's PC support once again. After 30 minutes on hold we got through and 28 minutes later came to the conclusion that the only way forward was to replace the drive, which will be sent out to me.

Of course, that was my original impression but its nice to know we've finally reached it in a roundabout way. As for Curry's I'll be very wary of buying anything from them again, given the excessive hold times; lack of information whilst on hold (ie wait time, place in the queue) or even a function to leave a voice message. Why after spending several hundred pounds on a PC would I mind to pay 10p a minute to be on hold? Of course not, I love throwing my money away...

This week I've been mainly going on about The La's to all concerned over at my MOG, so check that out for music chat. Also found an opportunity to start Scott Bakkers trilogy which I've been meaning to indulge in. Submitted one of my finest reviews to date in Samurai Warriors 2 and followed that up with another top piece on The Godfather. Expect these soon over at Gamestyle.

I'm knuckling down to this exam which is in less than a fortnight - missed out on the football today instead to engage in LAPR and other tax insurance oddities. Arguably more exciting than watching team Engerland play?

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